Brice Dutheil

Paris suburbs

Birth date

French (native), English (fluent), German (scholar)



  1. Computer Skills

Operating Systems

Windows 2000 / XP, UNIX, GNU/Linux, MacOSX




C/C++, Java / J2EE, AspectJ, PHP, PL/SQL
JXTA, Spring, Hibernate




Eclipse, Visual C++, Visual C++ Embedded
Apache/Tomcat, IBM Websphere Application Server, BEA Weblogic Server 10
PostgresSQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, QlikView
MagicDraw, Sybase PowerAMC, and Desing Patterns


  1. Practical and professional experience

September 2007


StepInfo, France, Ongoing mission for Voyages-SNCF Technologies

On this mission I intervened as a Java software engineer.

WDI Business Unit, 2 years and running
The WDI application is the business saftware backend for the following client websites such as, Thalys, CFF and others.

  • Scrum Methodology, 4 team of 5-6 people
  • Business development works
    • Evolutions of the princing engine
    • Refactoring and modularisation of the proposal engine
    • Design and implemetation of new services
    • TDD (Using tools JUnit, mockito, Unitils, DBUnit)
    • Integration test framework evolution, based on SoapUI
    • Continuous integration using Hudson and Sonar
    • Setting up and improving the project and IDE
  • Architectural works
    • Résarail connector (JCA), technical specification and development
    • Conversational mode (EAI Pattern, using Spring AOP, Memcached, MysSQL), technical specification and development
    • Business and architectural study of new dataware house based quotation engine.
    • Using UML (class, sequence, activity, state, structure, deployment diagrams) using MagicDraw
  • Business analysis works
    • Business specification documentation
  • Providing support to the team in charge of production follow-up
    • Concurrency problem resolution
    • Memory leak analysis and resolution (Thread Dumps, GC, logs, profiling), using tools such as JProfiler, GCViewer, QlikView
    • Development of monitoring tools (JMX, Groovy)
    • Code improvement for easier issue analysis
    • Load test team support
  • Setting back up a old and deprecated but strategic calendar application in the new SI of Voyages-SNCF
  • Secondarily, software or project news and/or practical informations newsletter edition.

iDTGV middleware application, 3 months

  • Working on the very first iteration of the new application architecture. I reimplemented some fot the used business webservices this application has to provide.

The projects afore-mentionned require knowledge in the fields of Hibernate, Spring, JBoss Cache JAX-WS / JAX-RS, J2EE, WebLogic, AOP XML manipulations, Memedcache, SOA, Design Patterns


August 2006

July 2007

SQLI Group, France, TARGET2 System for the Banque de France

This project is about the migration of the financial message router platform to a new redesigned Java architecture. On this project, I was involved on the following aspects of the whole application:

  • I performed several developpement task of the core/business of the application.
  • I had in charge the Oracle database modeling including some element of the Java persistance layer, and finally the SQL packaging.

These different parts of the platform involved competences in fields such as Oracle PL/SQL, Hibernate, Spring, XML manipulations, Design Patterns.


March 2006

July 2006

Docubase (CEGEDIM Group), France, Port, maintenance and evolution development for Electronic Document Management Software

I first ported the actual software on the Websphere Application Server, the actual implementation was relying too much on Tomcat making an interesting study to dive into uncommon problems when moving from one server to another. Then I maintained their application and implemented new features for their software solution. I especially worked on specific solutions for some clients using their programming toolkit.


July 2005

January 2006

SAGEM Communication (SAFRAN Group), France, DVD writer on top of an embedded Linux

During this project I implemented a DVD writer feature on a personal video recorder hardware design. The demonstrator could backup prerecorded video streams on a DVD. I had to gain knowledge on physical and content aspect of a DVD, to evaluate OEM DVD writers, and finally to implement the recording software running on a Linux kernel. My work is currently evaluated in order to be demonstrated at CeBIT 2006.


May 2003

August 2003

Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics, France, Feasibility study of oriented-object programming for the conception of embedded applications

I studied the opportunity of object oriented programming in order to improve the conception and the development process of software running in an embedded environment. Then the design of applications could be done with the UML tool Rational Rose and exported straight as C++ source files. I proved the feasibility of OOP with a work object concepts in C ANSI and by crafting a basic C++ to C preprocessor.


January 2002

June 2002

Nan Yang Polytechnic, Singapore, Bluetooth distance-checking

The program had to check the distance separating a remote BT device and the BT module host, as it happened, a Palm. This tool allows parents to monitor that their child doesn't go too far away. I first programmed a microcontroller, and at the end of this internship I created a graphical user interface.


May 2001

June 2001

ESTE, France, Full-time School project, Image and Text Viewer

Inside a team of 3 people, I developed a viewing application for PocketPC, this application was able to open several document at the same time. This application could display text documents and picture folder.

We designed this application with the help of the UML Class Diagram and Sequence Diagram.


  1. Education


Masters EPITA, Advanced Software Engineering

Project management (4 months), Advanced C++ programming, Software Development Security

Java: Vector graphic tool, Small P2P JXTA application, (SOAP-like) XML Client/Server



Maîtrise Informatique Degree in the Marne-la-Vallée University

(Equivalent to Bachelor of Engineering in computer science)

Java : Gantt diagram, C++: Smart Pointers, Software Engineering: JSP Web Portal (using Tomcat)



ESTE (Ecole Supérieure de Technologie Electronique) Degree

Majoring in Communication Electronics science

This institute, offering a three-year course in Electronic Engineering, delivers a French government recognized degree equivalent to a Bachelor of Engineering.



Lycée Bachelard, Baccalaureate S (French equivalent to A levels)

Specializing in mathematics and engineering


  1. Extracurricular Activities

I do like a lot science-fiction / space-opera / anticipation / fantasy literature. I'm also interrested by articles in technologic and scientific fields.

I'm always motivated by travels in foreign countries, and meeting other culture as well. I visited a few already including Germany, Nederland, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.